Developing Solutions To Integrate Remote Working Systems With Current Infrastructure


 Experienced in working with and understanding a multitude of industries, we understand the processes, infrastructural needs, and requirements needed in order to establish an effective remote working and learning environments. Many of our solutions are achieved by integrating open source with existing frameworks in order to provide cohesive unity among teams.


PointClick Digital LLC helps companies integrate the software solutions needed to transition and operate effectively as a remote workforce. From creating virtual hosting environments which are needed to operate software solutions to full integration we can provide the means to keep your business operational and profitable.


We provide systems administration, customer support, live chat and maintenance updates in order to keep the wheels in motion. When businesses depend on their systems to stay functional, downtime can severely impact the bottom line. Regular maintenance is mission critical to ensuring the lifeblood of a business remains healthy.

Getting the right systems in place

Utilizing our expertise, PointClick Digital LLC believes in providing customized strategies to our clients according to their needs and abilities. Of course, it’s a daunting task to establish a remote work solution overnight for anyone, however with changing current events, it’s become a demand forced on many business owners. Analyzing the variable components of a business from it’s company processes to the legal aspects and everything in between, there are a number of factors that must be considered before fully implementing a remote work program. Even the most carefully planned programs will face some obstacles, but having guidance from knowledgeable experts will ease the transition. Schedule a call with us to start the conversation today.

We All Depend On You!

In partnership with RingCentral, If you’re an education facility (K-12 schools), health-care contributor, or non-profit organization (NPO) , tell us a little about yourself and we’ll get you up and running right away with:

  • Video meetings: HD quality audio and video conferencing, screen sharing and more.
  • Messaging: Team messaging that’s perfect for collaboration with file sharing and more.
  • Phone: A robust and reliable business phone system, including business SMS and call management.

This includes services for up to 100 participants per video conference meeting. Our existing Office Essential and Standard customers can also benefit from the increased meeting participant limit.
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