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On a daily basis we’re diving into your web analytics data to understand visitor behavior, demographics and events; then we recommend changes to your placements and audience to make information easier to find and conversions more likely to occur.


Pay Per Click

 Pay Per Click ads are the fastest way to drive immediate traffic from the keywords relating to your business. Our Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) Experts strive for more than clicks and traffic; we’re always on the lookout for ways we can increase your conversions.

A/B Testing

Paid Ads only works if the right people reach your website. We learn everything there is to know about your business in order to deliver qualified leads and engaged visitors to your website. We then perform extensive testing of verbiage, keyword research and graphics to ensure your ads generate revenue.


PointClick Digital, your best SEM partner.

Pay Per Click Advertising & Return On Investment ( ROI ) go hand in hand perfectly. Paid Advertising is the only channel that you can measure return on investment accurately on a granular level. Also, there is no other channel where you can scale the return on investment so precisely. PointClick Digital LLC adopts best-practice PPC methods to ensure we get the most out of your Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns.

Competitive Research
We use competitive analysis to benchmark your brand against your competitors and to survey your environment. Next, we set out to increase your market share and to devise a bespoke strategy in-line with your website and your market space.

Keyword Generation
With access to an immense database of keywords, we identify keywords across the whole customer buying cycle, then analyze and segment them into core target groups.

We determine exactly how your campaign should be targeted; from geography and language to devices and search engine placement.

We test multiple ad copy variations to determine which ad will drive the highest possible click-through ratio and conversion rate. We also conduct ad extension testing to calculate the true value of the  selected search engines latest functionality.

Campaign Expansion
Keyword research & generation is not a one-time occurrence, it is  constantly evolving. As the search landscape is ever-changing, new search terms and customer behavior needs to be capitalized.

Filters & rules allow us to influence bids at the keyword level. We develop complex and customized optimization strategies to ensure our target ROIs are achieved at a granular level.

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